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Florals with Coloured Pencils -- Clarkson Society of Artists

Florals with Coloured Pencils -- Clarkson Society of Artists
Location:  Clarkson Society of Artists

Christ Church United, 1700 Mazo Crescent, Mississauga

Date: February 7 & 21, 2018
Length: 2 days
Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm 
For information contact:
Michael Spillane: 905-891-8422
                                                                                              Cattleia Orchid by Michael Spillane


Florals with Coloured Pencils

This workshop will show students how to produce stunning effects in coloured pencil botanical work, equal to that of watercolour painting. Easy to use and convenient to store and replace, coloured pencils can be used alone or combined with graphite. Techniques such as burnishing and layering, along with accurate colour matching, tonal rendering and composition will help students to master this rewarding medium. A step-by-step floral portrait (or two) will be the focus of the two-day workshop.

Day one: The first day of the workshop will focus on developing the drawing for the floral portrait and exploring the various techniques used in coloured pencil drawing.

Day two: The second day will continue in the development process working to complete a brilliant floral portrait and, time permitting, working on a second project.

See below for supply list and flyer.
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