My book Botanical Drawing & Painting is now available for purchase on Amazon



Botanical Drawing & Painting is a tutorial on botanical art featuring 153 pages and 12 step-by-step projects in graphite, watercolour and coloured pencils

The book is available in kindle and paperback format from, and

Botanical Drawing & Painting provides a valuable resource to students looking to develop skills in botanical art in a variety of mediums. The book is 155 pages and features twelve step-by-step projects: four in graphite (drawing), four in colored pencil and four in watercolor. The book also delves into the history of botanical art, describes key drawing methods and techniques and includes information on equipment and materials.Botanical Drawing & Painting is suited to artists of all types although it specifically serves the growing number of botanical artists worldwide who are re-discovering this wonderful genre of naturalist or scientific art. The projects in the book are designed to accommodate beginners, intermediate and advanced students.