Common Redpoll in Watercolour -- Project Package

Common Redpoll in Watercolour -- Project Package


 Illustration Lesson Plan By Michael Spillane.

Step-by-Step Instructions in PDF format.

Create a stunning watercolur painting of the Common Redpoll. The painting is 10.5 x 15 inches. 

The project includes 7 detailed instructional pages, line drawing and materials list, and covers a range of techniques pertaining to painting birds in watercolour.

Common Redpoll -- Acanthis flammea
Common Redpolls are tiny, energetic birds that can be seen in winter actively fluttering and climbing acrobatically foraging for seeds among birch trees, catkins, thistles and weeds. Redpolls are always on the move and often gather in large groups at bird feeders. These pretty winter finches can be
remarkably tame around bird feeders constantly calling with their incessant “che, che, che” sounds and unmistakable rising trills towards the end of the calls. While they are mainly brown and white in colour, the species is mostly identified by the small red patch of feathers on the head of both sexes. The females are more of an overall brown colour with the red patch on top of the head, while the males have more white in the plumage and more red/pink colouring on the chest and upper flanks.