Fading Parrot Tulips in Watercolour -- Project Package

Fading Parrot Tulips in Watercolour -- Project Package


Botanical Illustration Lesson Plan By Michael Spillane.

Step-by-Step Instructions in PDF format.

Create a realistic watercolur painting of  these wonderful Parrot Tulips. The painting is 22 x 20 inches. 

The project includes 10 detailed instructional pages, line drawing and materials list, and covers a range of techniques pertaining to watercolour botanical painting.


Parrot Tulips
With their bright colours and wavy, curly-edged petals, Parrot tulips (Tulipa gesnerana dracontia) are suitably named for their resemblance to the wings of a parrot. The flowers come in a range of colours including orange, red, violet, indigo, pink, white, yellow and near blue/black. Some varieties are solid colors, while others are strikingly marked with multicolored stripes and splashes. The tulips first appeared in France in the seventeenth century and were developed from early mutations. They made their way to the Netherlands about a century later. Parrot tulips became popular in the early 1900’s with a renaissance of the flowering bulbs occurring around 1930 as breeders were able to increase the stem strength of the flower to support the magnificent feathered petals.