Indigo Bunting in Watercolour -- Project Package

Indigo Bunting in Watercolour -- Project Package


 Illustration Lesson Plan By Michael Spillane.

Step-by-Step Instructions in PDF format.

Create a stunning watercolur painting of the Indigo Bunting. The painting is 10.5 x 15 inches. 

The project includes 10 detailed instructional pages, line drawing and materials list, and covers a range of techniques pertaining to painting birds in watercolour.

Indigo Bunting -- Passerina cyanea
The indigo bunting is a small insect and seed-eating bird in the cardinal family (Cardinalidae). The Indigo Bunting is a migratory species, ranging from southern Canada to northern Florida during the breeding season and from southern Florida to northern South America during the winter. They can be found from May to September in Northern Ontario, nesting all along Lake Superior and Lake Huron and extending south to Windsor and east along the St. Lawrence River. The species often migrates by night, using the stars to navigate. With its striking deep-blue colouring (more prominent during the breeding season), the males can be heard singing along country roadside verges, shrubby areas and weedy fields throughout the breeding season. The plain brown females are seldom seem as they are usually hidden away in dense thickets nest building and caring for the eggs and fledglings.